Follow up to Chaska High School Lecture

I had the opportunity to present on different health and injury topics at Chaska High School. I wanted to write a follow up post with links and more information on the topics we discussed.

We talked about leading causes for concussions and prevention. Here is a great video on concussions and gaining awareness by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association

ACL Injuries:
ACL injuries can be somewhat prevented. We went over a simple test to see if your at risk for an ACL injury. If your knee caves in when you jump here is a great exercise for you to try:


Ankle/Lower Leg Injuries Injuries:
There was some great discussion about ankle sprains and shin splints. If you are continuing to get shin splints after your conditioned for your sport, surface and wearing appropriate shoes here are some things to try.


For those of you interested in furthering your career in an Allied Health Care profession, here are some links to different resources I would recommend:
National Athletic Trainers’ Association
American Physical Therapy Association

I want to thank your for your time last week and now and good luck in your future career choices!

Stephanie Winters, ATR, CPT
OSR Physical Therapy, Eden Prairie & Chanhassen, MN
If you have questions or comments, leave us a post!