All about Running with OSR Part 2

Last week we learned all about the AlterG and Dartfish plus how we use them at OSR.  This week we are going to give you a little peek at some of the exercises we might recommend for you to do if you need help with your running form.

This first exercise is called bosu hops.  It is an advanced exercise for core, ankle, knee and hip strength.

This next video is Unilateral Twist with a band.  This exercise also has a large emphasis on core strength with ankle, knee and hip stability. 

Lastly this Hip Flexion exercise is a great way to work on hip strength and speed!

We also have a whole youtube channel devoted to running exercises and ideas.  Feel free to watch that as well!
OSR Running Channel

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about running!  If you have a sport that we should blog about please let us know.