All about Running with OSR

Are you a runner looking for some ideas on how to gain strength, minimize injury and increase performance this winter?

When a runner comes through our doors we will work with them on many different tasks.  Just about every time they are hoping to gain strength, minimize injury and increase performance.  Luckily, we have different tools to know exactly what they should/should not be doing to achieve their goals.

One tool is our AlterG treadmill.  You can run at as little as 20% of your body weight.  It is a great way to keep endurance up while injured, work on form and reduce overuse injuries.

Here is a video of our AlterG treadmill in use:

Look for our AlterG running packages to come out soon.  We also offer a 10 minute free trial to anyone who wants to try it out.

Another tool we have is Dartfish.  It is a great way to analyze running and see things our eyes miss when just looking at running form without assistance.

Here is some education around Dartfish:

We have a great holiday special running with Dartfish.  Here is a link to our specials.

Next week we will showcase some different exercises we do with patients at OSR after we utilize the above tools to find their weaknesses and limitations.