Hockey Season is back

Although the NHL season has been in lockout, kids to adults have been playing their hearts out this winter.  Now it seems as if the wait is over which is the inspiration to this post.

What dose it take to train like a pro?  How can I lessen my chance for injury?  How can I maximize my season?

Here are some tips to train this hockey season and beyond:

  1. Train explosively
    • It is a great way to train your cardio and power
    • You can use medicines balls or your body weight
    • Focus on good form when you are training explosiveness
  2. Train your core
    • Focus on core, back and shoulder strength
    • Work on core range of motion, that slap shot requires it
  3. Work on leg strength to increase skating speed
    • Running stairs, lunges, sprints and jumping will help with your endurance and speed on your skates
  4. Take time to rest
    • Hockey season is grueling, take some time to let your body repair itself
    • Cross train with other sports and movements to lessen overuse injuries
    • Drink a lot of water, with all the equipment you have to wear hockey players sweat a lot
  5. Have fun
    • Remember why you started to play and play for those reasons
    • Take some time to play outdoor pick up games
Good luck this season and Go Wild!