Should I journal my food intake?

This is the time of year everyone is trying to eat better and lose weight.  Have you been thinking about keeping a food journal and wondering if you should? 

Here are my top reasons as to why you should journal your food and some quick resources to do so:

1. Food Journals build an awareness of eating patterns and food choices

2. Improves Accountability

3. Helps you eat with a purpose

4. It can be as easy as using a pen and paper or as complex as an online website/phone app, I like picture journals.  Take a picture of all your meal throughout the day and then reflect on them that evening.

5. You will get success if your honest with yourself 

6. Makes it easier to know how you feel after eating certain foods

7. I have experienced that people eat less since they are having to keep track of everything and don’t want to write that they ate that 3rd cookie

Websites I have used to journal food: – they also have an app – they also have an app – they also have an app

Good Luck!