What is Physical Therapy?

Do you wonder what a Physical Therapist is? Who do Physical Therapists work with? This blog post is designed to help!

Question: What kind of education do Physical Therapists have?

Answer: This article, supported by the American Physical Therapy Association, will provide a great understanding of this topic.  All of OSR Physical Therapy’s Physical Therapists have a graduate degree of either a Master’s or a Clinical Doctorate. Most are members of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Question: Do I have to be an athlete to work with a Physical Therapist?

Answer: No. Physical Therapists work with all kinds of people that generally want to improve motion and function. This article provides an overview of the broad range of areas that Physical Therapy may be able to help. OSR Physical Therapy specializes in working with active people, athletes, and dancer, or people with a strong desire to be active.

Question: I see that the article talks about areas such as balance training and diabetes. Do you work with these populations?

Answer: Yes. Our MOG, More than an Ordinary gym, is designed to focus on areas such as this.

Question: Can I get more information?

Answer: Here is a link to some basic information on a few conditions that Physical Therapists treat. If you would like specific information about our clinic, please go to www.osrpt.com 

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