Good luck at State!

We wish all of the teams from our communities good luck as they prepare for state this week!

Here are a few tips to stay at the top of your game!

1. Focus on your performance qualities this week, while minimizing your emphasis on general conditioning.

2. Fatigue is the number one factor associated with dance injury. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep each night. For a teen dancer research shows that this should be 7-10 hours/night.

3. Hydration is key! Here are some tips for practices over 1 hour. A simple way to stay hydrated is consuming 4 oz of a sports drink/hour of practice. Also try to consume 2 cups of water 2 hours before practice, and another cup of water 1 hour before practice. (1)

4. Taking a break between run throughs supports how the body is made to work and recover. For example, run the routine 1-2 times. If that takes you 6 minutes, then take 6-12 minutes to recover before repeating. A quick way to recover is by walking a few laps slowly around the gym.

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