Running: Interview with a Physical Therapist

Are you a person who loves to run?  Are you someone who wishes you could go farther with out pain?  Are you sick of injury after injury each running season?

We interviewed Josh Rolfes DPT of OSR Physical Therapy this week to learn more about running and advice to avoid injury.

What is the most common injury you work with in runners?
Patellofemoral Pain otherwise known as Knee pain

What is some advice you would give to runners?
Start slow and progress gradually.  Stretch your calves.  Become educated and make a plan when it comes to distances and goals.  When you are starting to run it is never a bad idea to have a gait analysis to know what to work on before you experience pain.

What is your personal favorite running shoe?
Brooks Pureflow2

What is your favorite distance to run?
6 miles

What are some good resources you have used for runners?
TC Running in Eden Prairie 
Team in training

At OSR Physical Therapy we offer Dartfish Running Analysis, an AlterG treadmill and an educated staff on the sport of running.  Call us today at 952-873-7400 to schedule your free 15 minute run in the AlterG treadmill.