Cardio vs. Strength training

“Is cardio better than weights for fat loss?”
A recent article was wrote by Precision Nutrition on this subject. 
There is a lot of research out there promoting both sides of
this question that many people have. This article gave good insight on being
careful where you get your information regarding weight loss as well as tips
for how to lose weight effectively.
Some important take away items from this article are:

  • Muscle
    is important for losing fat and it is something we have the ability to make
    more of or allow to waste away. 
  • Losing
    weight and losing fat are not one in the same. Weight is a combination of many
    things within the body and fat is just a part of it. 
  •  The
    studies evaluated in this article reveal that a combination of resistance
    (weight) training and aerobic training gave the most significant loss of fat
    mass. This picture was clearly seen when the evidence was broken down into
    “change in lean body mass” and “change in fat mass”. 
  • Muscle
    takes up less room than fat but it is more dense than fat.  You could gain 10 kg of muscle and lose 10 kg
    of fat and have your pants feel looser but your weight would be the same

In conclusion the article has some great points with
strength training and might just make you think a little more about adding
strength into your weekly workout routine.