Common Running Injuries

Spring is officially here, and with
this means it is prime running season. 
Did you know females are more at risk for knee injuries related to
running and novice runners are 2.5 times more likely to be injured compared to
experienced runners?
Whether your goal is to prevent
injury, improve your functional performance or decrease your race times, OSR
Physical Therapy can help. OSR physical therapists Dana Birkholz, Rusty
Wallman, and Josh Rolfes have completed continuing education courses with experts
Jeff Taylor-Haas, certified orthopedic specialist from Cincinnati Children’s
Hospital and Bryan Heiderscheit, associate professor and director of UW
runner’s clinic and sports performance research at the University of Wisconsin.
By reviewing the latest research and new treatment techniques, our physical
therapists are ready to assist you in all of your running needs.
OSR Physical Therapy has a physical
therapist at each of their three locations who are specially trained to diagnose
and treat running injuries. With the use of video analysis and our expertise,
we will be able to assist you in overcoming your running injuries which will
allow you to increase your running performance without pain. 

  • Common running injuries treated at
    OSR Physical Therapy include the following:
    •  Anterior knee pain, also known as patellafemoral syndrome
    • Iliotibial band friction syndrome 
    •  Plantar fasciitis
    • Shin splints 
    • Stress fractures 
    • Muscle strains, most commonly of the hamstring
      and calf muscles 
    • Ankle sprains 
    • Achilles tendinopathy 
    • Knee meniscal injuries

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