Fitness Challenge anyone?

The personal trainers at OSR are holding a fitness challenge!

Here is some more information about the challenge and how to sign up.

Spring into summer challenge

Who is ready for another challenge?!

summer approaching and summer clothes coming out of hiding it is time
to get serious.  We are about 7 weeks away from Memorial Day which
typically marks our summer season.

Spring into Summer Challenge

  • Details:
    • No entry fee
    • Starts April 15th (tax day), all beginning measurements will be taken that week.
    • Ends May 25th.  All final measurements will be taken May 22-25th (just in time for Memorial Day)
    • Winner will be based on total body fat lost, if over 30 people we will have a male and a female winner
    • We will supply you with:
      • Food list and nutritional recommendations
      • Workout recommendations with weekly challenges
      • Group Pilates workout May 4th
      • Support, encouragement and other help you need along the way
      • All your measurements  
sure to pass this along to family, friends, co-workers and neighbors.
 The more help and support you have the easier it will be!
If you want to join the challenge let me know so we can find a time for your initial measurements!
Here is an example food list if your curious what food recommendations might be:
Here are our “Spring into Summer” recommendations:

  1. Drink 80oz of water per day
  2. Eat at least 7 servings of fruits and vegetables per day
  3. Eat protein at each meal
  4. Completely avoid processed and fried foods
  5. Avoid gluten, alcohol, high fructose corn syrup and trans fats
  6. Workout at least 3 times per week
  7. Take a fish oil or similar supplement daily
  8. Limit caffeine to one serving per day, or not at all 
  9. Limit dairy to 1 serving per day, or not at all
  10. Stick
    to these recommendations 100% of the time for best results.  It is only
    38 days, that is a short price to pay to look great for summer.
Let me know when your ready for your initial measurements!