With the weather warming up, many golfers will be returning
to the links after being dormant for the winter months.  At OSR Physical Therapy, we are not the ones
to talk to about lowering your handicap, but we can give you a few tips to get
your body ready for the golf season. 
Devoting a few minutes each day to preparatory stretching and exercise
for the shoulders, core, and leg muscles can help lower the risk of injury and
make those first few rounds less painful (at least physically).
To become the most flexible joint in the body the shoulder
sacrifices stability.  The rotator cuff
is composed of the muscles that stabilize the shoulder joint.  It is important to have sufficient rotator
cuff strength to allow this joint to move in a fluid motion without causing
pinching.  To isolate the rotator cuff
muscles, perform high repetition exercises with low weight.
The low back is a common area to feel pain and discomfort
during the golf season.  Many people fail
to realize that weak abdominal muscles increase the strain put on the muscles
of the back to compensate for the abdominal weakness.  Performing front and side plank exercises is
a great way to strengthen the different layers of the abdominal musculature.
It is important to stretch the muscles of the hips and low
back due to the rotation that occurs during a golf swing.  Focus on stretching the hip flexors and
hamstrings to improve the range of motion in your hips.  To stretch out your low back, try lying on
your back with your knees bent.  Keep
your shoulders flat on the floor and rock your knees from side to side.
Here are some videos of other helpful stretches:
Try these few things out over the next month as the snow
melts and you will surely have less muscle pain and stiffness as you return to
playing the game of golf.