Ready for the stage?

Dance studio competition season is in full swing here in Minnesota. Often, this involves long days with multiple periods of being on and off stage. As part of your injury prevention and peak performance, it is important to make sure that you are warmed up prior to taking the stage.


Here are some benefits of a proper warm-up:

  • Increase blood flow to increase oxygen to working muscles. Have you ever found yourself in a cold performance hall, and you just can’t seem to get your toes warm? This affects how well you point your feet, balance, and jump; getting oxygen to the tissues before you take the stage is very important!
  • Increased joint and muscle mobility. We all know the dancer that “pulled a hamstring” (or other muscle) while performing without a warm up. Prepare yourself, and be rewarded by less chance of muscle strain, and achieving your full extensions on stage!
  • Improve your mental focus. In sport, we often hear phrases like “keep your head in the game;” this focus is essential for dancers too!

Next week, we will share some specific ideas that you can use in your own backstage warm ups!