Shoulder Treatment

Recently Ryan Koepp and myself attended the continuing education course,
Evidence-Based Assessment and Treatment of Shoulder Disorders and Other
Related Shoulder Pathologies.  The presenter was Robert McCabe, MS, PT,
OCS who works for the Andrews Institute in Pensacola.

 During the
course there were many topics covered.  Most of the topics were review
as the day went on.  Many confirmed what we at OSR already practice with
our treatment and management of shoulder disorders.  While at this
conference I did take away some great new ideas.

  • First, the presenter
    showed many manual therapy techniques for stretching the shoulder
    capsule and for promoting proper shoulder blade motion.  These I will
    definitely be incorporating into my practice.  
  • Second, we were shown
    many different rehab exercises.  There were some exercises I would have
    never thought of.  Most of them were for shoulder/shoulder blade
    stabilization and activation exercises.  I can already say I have
    incorporated these new exercises in with some of my patients and they
    have loved them.    

Check out the Andrews Institute website.  They have some very informational material.

This article was written by Andrew Ernst, ATR, CSCS, CES. Andrew is one of the Athletic Trainers at OSR Physical Therapy, Eden Prairie. Ryan Koepp is a Physical Therapist, and clinic director at OSR Physical Therapy, Eden Prairie.