What do Physical Therapists do to help with shin splints?

In follow up to last week’s post on shin splints, let’s look at what Physical Therapists do to help resolve shin pain.

  • Evaluate the contributing factors such as:
    • muscle imbalances
    • training patterns
    • how your footwear matches your foot type and sport
  • Treat the causes, including:
    • modalities to decrease inflammation
    • hands on techniques to decrease scar tissue
    • possible recommendation for change in footwear or orthotics
    • exercises to treat muscle imbalances identified
    • working with you on how you perform your skill (i.e. running analysis)
    • Work with you on appropriate training progressions

If a Physical Therapist thinks the cause may require further evaluation by an MD, your PT will work with you on identifying a provider that would be helpful in your specific situation/sport.