National Running Day

Did you know that Wednesday, June 5th is National
Running Day?  Every first Wednesday in
June, runners across America celebrate the joy and freedom of running and unite
in their passion for the sport.  At OSR,
we join the millions across our country who celebrate this day because we
believe in the power of running to promote health and wellness as well as
creating camaraderie in the communities we serve.  Runners of all ages and abilities are very
active in local, state, and national charity events and help raise millions of
dollars to support critical health and social organizations to help improve our
quality of life.  Join OSR Physical
Therapy and runners nationwide in celebrating the sport not only June 5th
but every day!
Despite the mediocre weather this spring, local runners have
been braving the elements to grind out the miles and take steps toward their
individual goals whether weight loss or training for a big race.  Have you been to OSR this spring to have us
take a look at that nagging injury or pain while running?  Our team of experienced physical therapists
and athletic trainers are skilled in the treatment of running injuries and
utilize a comprehensive treatment approach to target the source of your pain to
ensure that the existing impairment(s) are corrected and do not return.  We are also able to provide you the
opportunity to continue running though the injury with our Alter G Anti-Gravity
Treadmill while you rehabilitate with our team. 
Come see us today!
Check out these informational links to learn more about
National Running Day and local charity events.