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Why get a BikeFit?
is the second oldest bicycle fitting system in the world. Our goal at OSR
Physical Therapy is to make cycling enjoyable for the rider, whether it is
riding a $500 or $10,000 bicycle. We have been trained to fit road bikes for
cyclists of all ages and will allow for better positioning on the bike to
ensure a more comfortable and sound ride. Proper fitting of a bike promotes maximum
comfort and a great ride with better power output to allow for a faster and
smoother ride.
Fitting versus Sizing

bike fitting is not road bike sizing. Often, people intertwine these
two descriptions, but they are very different. Fitting refers to the contact
points or connection points between the cyclist and the bicycle. The goal of a
bike fit is to get the connection points in the ideal place to allow the
cyclist to be comfortable with riding. We adapt the bike to fit the rider as
every person’s mechanics and anatomy are different.
Bike with the “target” connection points highlighted.
do bicycle fitting articles mention saddle selection with regard to bike
fitting. The reality is it should be one of the first things to think of when
purchasing a bike. As simple as it sounds, the best way to find the most
comfortable bike seat is to sit on it, so if able, try to sit on different
seats in the bike shop before purchasing your bike.
As you try and
find the right saddle keep an open mind. Most shops will start you down a
saddle choice path by pointing out that saddles are specifically designed for
men and women with most women’s saddles being wider towards the rear. Although
this may be a good starting point, keep in mind all bodies are different, so purchase for comfort!
bikefitter will be able to assist in finding the right tilt, height, and
location of the seat to allow for optimal knee bend and trunk position.
addition to saddle adjustments, bike fitters will be able to adjust handlebar position and foot/pedal interface and cleat position. When completing a
bikefit, we will consider the handlebar height, depth, width, brake type, and
position of hoods, etc. as well as foot
pedal interface
and cleat
position to optimize comfort of the cyclist.
us at OSR Physical Therapy for a bike fit and minimize impairments such as
sore/numb hands, feet, buttock pain/ discomfort and inefficient performance. At
OSR, our bike fitters are here to ensure every bike ride is a great ride!
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