Hip post op labral tear

After surgery, people typically ask how long it will take to get back to various activities. Today, we will focus on post-op hip labral repairs with bony resections.

A labral tear means that the cartilage rim that helps support your hip stability has been injured. Not all labral tears require surgery. Surgical procedures and post-op protocols are also highly variable. The ideas presented here relate to one of our more common protocols, but again, it does vary by surgeon and exact procedure.

Here are the typical time frames for common activities:

1 week: Driving (for left hip surgeries)
3 weeks: Walking without crutches, Driving for right hip surgeries
6 weeks: Elliptical trainer
10 weeks: Some jogging and sport training
12-16 weeks: Modified return to sport
6 months-1 year: High level competitive sport without restriction

We hope this provides you an overview of activities. You should always check with your surgeon on his/her specific time frames for your specific surgery. Have a question or idea to share? Leave us a post!