Healthy Snacks, Meals and Treats for the big game this weekend!

With the Super Bowl approaching this weekend we wanted to share some healthy snacks, meals and treats for the big game.

This will give you time to grocery shop, prep and enjoy the game!

  • Chili Bar – make a large crock pot of chili and then have toppings to add to the Chili.  Some great toppings include: plain greek yogurt, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and rice
  • Taco Bar – This is so simple, just brown some ground beef or ground turkey in some seasonings and add some fixings!  Great toppings include: Corn tortilla, rice, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, hot sauce, plain greek yogurt, avocado, lime, pico, peppers, jalapeños and corn
  • Chicken Wings – Just bake or Grill some un-breaded chicken wings and drumies.  You can then make a great ranch dip by adding ranch seasoning to plain greek yogurt.
  • Cauliflower crust pizza – (blend cauliflower, butter and cheese if you want to create the crust), bake the crust and then add toppings, like bbq sauce, chicken, pizza sauce and a little cheese, we then put it back into the oven to heat up!
  • Homemade kale chips – they are so easy, just put some kale on a baking sheet, add coconut oil and sea salt, bake until crispy and enjoy
  • Homemade sweet potato fries – similar to the kale chips, just cut up to your liking and add seasonings, coconut oil and sea salt.  Cook until crispy and enjoy
  • Homemade buffalo chips – Cut either regular or sweet potatoes, season and cook.  Then make a dip of greek yogurt and seasoning salt to dip them in.
  • Potato skins – cut either regular or sweet potatoes in half, bake them with bacon and add chives
  • Broccoli Salad – the dressing is vinegar, truvia, and olive oil mayo.  Then mix the dressing up and pour over broccoli, bacon and sunflower seeds.
  • Potato salad – cut and boil potatoes, after they cool mix with plain greek yogurt, onions, celery, dill, mustard and sea salt

  • Black Bean Brownies – make the brownies like normal but instead of the oil and eggs use pureed black beans, you can also season with cinnamon
  • Banana Ice Cream – mush up frozen bananas and peanut butter, you can even add a couple of chocolate chips for taste
  • Baked Pears – cut pairs in half and bake with cinnamon