Looking to lead a healthier lifestyle?

It seems like there is a new fad diet out every month for
people to try, but the reality is losing weight, maintaining weight and eating
better to be healthier is about our lifestyle and the choices we make. 
This gives some great tips on simple ways to eat healthy. It talks
about making small changes that lead to eating a healthy diet. It is best to
eat real food and not to rely on supplements and pills to get the vital
nutrients our bodies require. 
There are 9 tips that are attainable for
everyone, because they are simple, accessible and when you do these you
actually will feel so good! 
The tips are set
yourself up for success, moderation is key, it’s not just what you eat it’s how
you eat, fill up on colorful fruits and vegetables, eat more healthy carbs and
whole grains, enjoy healthy fats and avoid unhealthy fats, put protein in
perspective, add calcium for strong bones and limit sugar and salt. 
article goes into more detail with each tip and it’s worth the read. I really
thought it was great to explain that every positive change counts and that you
do not have eliminate foods you enjoy eating. Along with regular exercise and
plenty of sleep, eating well will round out a healthy lifestyle that benefits
us in countless ways!
Here is the link:

This review was completed by OSR Fitness intern Melissa Sanchez