Sport Specific Warm up


Recently there has been increased research into having a
sport specific warm-up attempting to reduce the amount of injuries that happen
through a sport season.  Another article
just came out looking at a D1 collegiate soccer team stating a sport specific
warm up that helped reduce injuries suffered throughout the year.  There have been many studies similar to this
one, begging the question why doesn’t every team perform one of these warm-ups?  They often take the same amount of time that
a traditional warm-up does, do not require much or any extra equipment and can
be run by the teams’ athletic trainer or coach.

These warm-ups are not only for collegiate athletes, but for everyone of all ages. Dr. Heather Bergeson spoke to OSR’s staff on adolescent overuse injuries today. One key point as part of injury prevention was to include dynamic warm ups.

Here is a link to the article with an example soccer specific warm-up.
The goals of these warm-ups are to reduce common injuries in
a sport by performing prehab, or preventative rehabilitation.  For soccer this could be ankle sprains or ACL
injuries.  From here the Athletic Trainer
can create a sport specific warm-up with rehab exercises.  By training the muscle properly from the
beginning they will be able to work properly and help reduce the amount of
injuries over multiple seasons.
The key
to the warm-up is that it needs to be easy to perform and continually
progressive.  If the athletes are not
continually pushed they will not make gains and will plateau.  The progressions will also help reduce any
boredom that can occur when exercises become repetitive.The first half of this video can be used as a baseline to start your dynamic warm up for any sport:

If you are interested in having a sport specific warm-up for
your team please contact OSR and we can help you out!This article was written by Andrew Ernst, ATR at our Eden Prairie location.