Stress and your health

Stress and Your Health
affects all of us in one way or another. The factors are endless…it could be
the loss of a job, finances or even running late for an appointment. We can’t
eliminate stress completely, but we can manage it and even prevent some of it. 
Stress affects the body in many different ways. It can cause weight gain,
headaches, insomnia, chronic pain and premature aging just to name a few.
Luckily exercise is one of the best ways to combat stress and the affects it
has on the body. Research has proven that exercise in any amount lowers anxiety
and depression. So your workout is not just for your body, it’s for your brain
Here are some tips to boost your mood and eliminate some
stress in your life:
  • Take a
    walk, even if it is only 10 minutes. Get some fresh air, enjoy the sounds of
    nature and boost your energy and mood!
  • Prepare
    for tomorrow! Eliminate the morning mad dash to get out of the house. Take a
    few minutes the night before to set out clothes to wear, make lunches, even set
    up for breakfast.
  • Get up
    15 minutes early. Combined with the previous tip, you will be able to breath
    and not worry about little morning mishaps that may occur.
  • Make a
    list of things you may need from the store. Trying to remember everything and
    then forgetting something is stressful!
  • Got 30
    minutes but not time to go to the gym? Workout at home. Trainers can give you
    many exercises to do at home. You will feel better and still get in a workout
    without leaving the comfort of your own home.
  • Get a
    workout buddy! You will look forward to the social time and be more likely to
    stick with it, if you have someone to exercise with.
  • Meal
    prep! Devote a few hours on the weekend to make a grocery list, shop, prep food
    and make a few dishes. You will make healthier choices and not be stressed
    throughout the week with coming up with dinner each night. Grill chicken and
    slice for a quick addition to salads, chop fruits and veggies, make meals to
    freeze and reheat later in the week. It makes a world of difference to have
    everything ready to go.
  • Last, find things that make you happy, and do them! In this
    busy world, taking time to do things that you love to do will make everything
    else a little easier, because you will be happy and fulfilled.
-Melissa Sanchez
Fitness intern at OSR Eden Prairie