How do you know if an exercise is right for you? How do you
know you are correct in the way you are performing an exercise? Most exercises
can be modified for the individual’s ability and needs. Some exercises are not
right to do depending on medical conditions, surgeries, injuries, etc. It is
best to be open with your health or fitness professional to determine the best
and safest exercises for you.
A basic squat is a functional movement that has a number of
progressions and regressions. It primarily targets your quads and glutes, but
it is a great exercise for your lower back, core and hamstrings as well. 
are even able to add in upper body to make this a total body exercise. This
exercise improves usable strength and stability.
For a basic squat, stand with your feet hip-width apart.
Keeping your back straight, push back with your hips like you are sitting in a
chair. Go to 90 degrees and return to starting position.

You may also add in variations, as pictured below.

As you can see, this is an exercise that is easily
duplicated outside of a gym setting anywhere on your own. There are some
circumstances that would not allow an individual to perform this exercise,
especially after a recent surgery. Talk with your health or fitness
professional about incorporating this into your exercise routine and they will
have many variations fit exactly for you!

Melissa Sanchez – OSR Fitness Intern