Please join us in the Relay for Life 2014

Please join OSR Physical Therapy in participating in Relay for Life! This year we are excited to invite not only staff, but also patients, families, and members of the community to join us!

When: Friday, July 11th, 6 PM – Saturday, July 12th 6 AM  (You are not required to stay the entire
time, but I would highly recommend being there for the start and stay until the
Luminaria lap)
Where: Central Middle School, Eden Prairie
Why: We would really like to make a more meaningful impact to donate to cancer research. If you are interested in joining or donating to Team OSR please follow
the links at the end of this post.  
For all of those who
join Team OSR you will receive a free dri-fit t-shirt and a water bottle.  The t-shirt is encouraged to be worn to
Relay, and the water bottle is optional, but if you would like to stay hydrated
I would recommend bringing it. Updates will be provided for team members via
email once you have joined the team.  
Relay for Life is an amazing event held all around the
nation at various locations.  For
those of you who have not participated in Relay, it is an amazing event.  You will walk around the track to remember
those who we have lost, honor those who are fighting, and in support for
everyone who has felt the effects of cancer on their life.  There are food vendors on site, and many
themed laps and other activities to do throughout the night.   For further information please visit the
Relay for Life website.  
For any further questions please feel free to contact Andrew
To join Team OSR or donate to the cause please follow the
links below: