Get Back to Living Your Life with Specialty Rehabilitation

Muscle aches and pains. Stress fractures. Traumatic injuries. You might have injuries associated with any of these conditions that are common, but that doesn’t mean you need a common physical therapy program to help you get back on your feet. Each injury, each condition, each person has specific needs that need to be met in order to recover from an existing injury and to prevent future injuries. Specialty rehabilitation caters to your specific needs so that you can get back to living your life in the shortest time possible.

What Is Specialty Rehabilitation?

Simply put, specialty rehabilitation is a program that is implemented specifically for the patient. It caters to the patient’s individual circumstances based on any number of factors – type of injury, how the injury was sustained, lifestyle, medical history, and even physique. With a custom-built rehabilitation program, physical therapists can help you recover as quickly as possible.

What Kind Of Specialty Methods Are There?

Using the latest research in injury prevention and athletic conditioning, specialized programs help to keep athletes strong and healthy. By focusing on such areas as speed, power, body control, and strength conditioning, injuries can be prevented. Furthermore, a program that is evidence-based and focuses on performance enhancement and injury prevention can help future surgeries due to such injuries as ACL tears be avoided.

Not only are evidence-based programs beneficial to athletes, but also programs that offer flexible scheduling hours in consideration of performances, games, and competitions. These programs, especially if you’re a dancer or runner, collaborate with not only the patient but also the parents and coaches to achieve the best possible outcome in recovering or preventing injuries. Specialty equipment such as anti-gravity treadmills are used in these programs, along with focusing on technique.

What About Non-Athletes?

Athletes aren’t just the only people who need a rehabilitation program that is specific to their needs. If you’ve been in a traumatic accident or have sustained a traumatic head injury, getting specialized concussion rehabilitation is essential to recovering fully and quickly. A program that focuses on concussions will treat such debilitating symptoms as dizziness, chronic headaches and neck pain, instability and balance problems, and vision problems.

Even expectant mothers can benefit from a special physical therapy program. Pregnancy brings about so many changes to the body, including pain in the hips, groin, lower back, and knees. This pain can make pregnancy almost unbearable, but a specialized program will help improve multiple conditions caused by pregnancy and help you stay on your feet through the duration.

Specialty Rehabilitation Will Yield Exceptional Results.

Whether you’re an athlete, accident-prone, or pregnant, a specialty rehabilitation program will give you the best results possible in the quickest time possible. Dealing with pain shouldn’t be a part of everyday life, which is why a custom-built program that helps reduce or eliminate pain and prevent injuries is the best way to get back to your normal standard of living and even improve that standard.

At OSR Physical Therapy, we have a firm belief that the methods of rehabilitation should be structured and customized to each patients’ specific needs. OSR has implemented rehabilitation programs that were built to get patients back to their normal standard of living in the shortest duration of time.