Concussions Not Just a Sports Problem


When you think of concussions, you usually think of football right? Well, concussions can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. From workplace or car accidents to a simple slip and fall can result in a concussion that should be treated immediately for a full recovery.

Workplace Concussions are on the Rise.

Believe it or not, but concussions resulting from head injuries sustained at work are on the rise, according to one Midwest study. This may be surprising to many people since most associate head injuries with motor vehicle accidents or sports such as football and boxing. However, there is a high risk of head injuries in such professions as construction workers, firefighters, factory workers, and outdoor laborers.

In fact, a concussion may become even more serious for the non-athlete. Athletic trainers, doctors, and physical therapists are oftentimes right there on the sidelines to diagnose a concussion for an athlete. Also, there are many ways to determine if there was a head injury through instant playback. This is unlike workers who often finish a shift before heading to the doctor or don’t go in at all if no symptoms are present right away.

Head Injuries can happen at home.


If you have kids then you’ve probably witnessed them hit their heads more than once. However, it’s not just children that can trip and fall. Ever tripped over your own furniture or bumped your head on a cabinet?

Granted, not all bumps in the head will result in a concussion, but being aware of the symptoms of a concussion means you can catch it early. Symptoms such as blurry vision, frequent headaches, trouble sleeping, nausea, and trouble balancing can all be related to a concussion.

However, some symptoms might not even show up for a few days after a head injury, which is why there is an effort to develope technology anyone can use. Many people in the technology field are working on developing an app that can detect a concussion. Not only will this aid coaches and athletic trainers during practices and games, but it can also come in handy for parents and the average person.

Get it checked.

Bottom line: if you’ve hit your head and you’re unsure whether you have a concussion or not, it’s best to get it checked out. And, if you want to recover quickly, using physical therapy to aid in your recovery will help more than rest. Studies have shown just how beneficial therapy is to recovering from a concussion and limiting any long-lasting effects.

OSR Physical Therapy has physical therapists that specialize in concussions and can help you recover fully from any head injury. Contact us today if you’d like to be assessed by one of our physical therapists.