5 Reasons to have Athletic Trainers at High Schools

It’s popular practice to have athletic trainers and physical therapists present for college and professional sports. However, it’s becoming increasingly apparent the benefits of having athletic trainers at high schools as well.

1. They’re Trained At Looking For Weaknesses.

Athletic trainers know what to look for when it comes to injuries. They can determine weaknesses in the body based on analysis of movements. They can also tell who is at risk for an injury. Athletic trainers spend a lot of time studying the human body and potential weaknesses. With analyzing body movements, athletic trainers can determine any muscle instability that may lead to injury.

2. They Make Sure Athletes Are Properly Conditioned.

Since athletic trainers can determine who is at risk for an injury, they can recommend specific exercises. These exercises will help prevent any injury. Ensuring an athlete is properly conditioned is one of the specialties of an athletic trainer. They know what exercises to do to prepare the athlete for their sport, as well as how hard to push them. Conditioning is essential to injury prevention, which is why having an athletic trainer is so essential to maintaining safety for athletes.

3. They Can Catch Concussions (And Other Injuries) Right Away.

Even the best-trained and conditioned athletes can still be injured. With athletic trainers present at the games and during practice, they can catch those injuries right away. Then they can determine the best treatment. This means a shorter and fuller recovery. The athlete can then come back stronger than ever. This is even more important with concussion treatment as athletic trainers can catch it right away. Any injury, especially concussions, is best caught and treated right away to ensure a full and strong recovery.

4. They Establish Safety For Athletes.

Being able to establish safety for athletes goes along with injury prevention and catching injuries early on. From having relationships with physical therapy clinics to physicians, athletic trainers can ensure that every athlete receives the care they need. Furthermore, they can help establish safety protocols for schools for injury prevention. These protocols also minimize the impact of any injury.

5. They Educate Coaches, Parents, And Students.

Along with establishing safety for athletes, athletic trainers are in the best position for educating coaches, parents, and students. One of the best ways to prevent injuries is through education. By teaching coaches how to recognize injuries and weaknesses, and how to train and condition athletes appropriately, athletic trainers are essential to creating a safe environment for student-athletes.

OSR Athletic Trainers

At OSR, we have close relationships with the West Metro community – physicians, clinics, schools, and coaches. By having this close relationship, our athletic trainers can ensure student-athletes remain injury-free and, if they are injured, that their injury will be minimal. Our athletic trainers will help prevent injuries and help any injured athlete recovery quickly and fully so that they can get back to doing what they love. Contact us today if you’d like to start a conversation with our athletic trainers.