5 Ways To Get Yourself Moving

Ever had the thought before you went to bed that tomorrow would be the day you start exercising? But, the morning comes and all motivation you had the night before goes out the window?

Almost every person has those days where exercising is the last thing they want to do. Or, they’re just too busy to get a session in. Here are five tips for getting yourself moving.

1. Move When You’re Ready To Move

It goes against popular belief for sure, but researchers say that it’s more beneficial to exercise at the time that’s best for you. By exercising at the perfect time for you, you’re more likely to do it consistently. This means that you’ll reap better rewards, will be more motivated, and less likely to dread it. So throw out the old rule that there’s a perfect time to exercise, and do it when it works for you.

2. Exercise In The AM.

Even though some researchers suggest exercising at the time of day you’re most motivated, other experts suggest getting it done and out of the way. Whether motivated or not, if you exercise in the AM, you’re sure to get it done. You won’t spend the entire day thinking about it and, if you’re a checklist sort of person, it’s just one more thing to check off. Benefits: you’re sure to exercise; it’s a great way to start the day; and, sleep experts say that it will aid in falling asleep at night.

3. Pick The Right Tunes

Whether you’re a minimalist when it comes to exercising or not, picking the right music may be the difference between finishing your workout and bailing out early. Exercise experts say that picking the right tunes will not only help you finish your workout but will help you feel motivated and energetic. This will lead to a more positive experience and you’ll want to do it again!

4. Get A Workout Buddy

We all have those days in which we’re unmotivated to do absolutely anything. Having a workout buddy that will push you on your hardest day, means you won’t miss a workout. Training partners are great motivation and support for those days you need it the most. Furthermore, it also gives a certain amount of obligation since you’re meeting someone. This is great motivation in and of itself. However, it’s important to choose the right buddy who you’re close to. You also want to be able to trust them to be a great supporter and motivate you when you need it the most.

5. Eat Right, Get Sleep, And Stay Healthy

Consuming enough of the right calories is essential to staying motivated. Being hungry can lead to low energy and lack of motivation. On the flip side, consuming too many empty calories (processed foods, fast foods, and fatty foods) could mean feeling sluggish. Along with ensuring you’re eating the right foods, you also need to make sure you’re getting the right amount of sleep. Similar to a bad diet, bad sleep habits can make you feel unmotivated to work out. If you’re not sleeping consistently or getting enough sleep, you’re already tired. So eat right and get enough sleep and you’ll be able to remain motivated for even your toughest workouts.

And If You’re Even In Pain…

OSR Physical Therapy will help you return to pain-free exercising. We’ll also motivate you to get moving after you’ve recovered from any injury or pain. If pain is keeping you unmotivated to exercise, contact us today.