3 Desk Job Health Risks And What You Can Do About It

Your innocent chair at work may be killing you – literally. There a number of desk job health risks, and an early death is just one.

Your innocent chair at work may be killing you – literally. There a number of desk job health risks, and an early death is just one.

Ah, to work at an office all day, five days a week. Many of us dream of having an office job and work our entire young adult lives to get there. Many of us don’t dream about having a career that requires hard manual labor. However, that office job dream might just be killing you – literally. There are many desk job health risks that can lead to early mortality, according to recent studies. From back pain to cardiovascular diseases, sitting too much may lead to many health problems. The good news is that there something you can do about it.

1. Back Pain And Other Ailments

One of the biggest complaints from office workers and those that lead a sedentary life is that of isolated pain in the back, neck, and joints. Despite little to no movement, many people who hold office jobs seek medical attention for pain in the lower back and neck. This is due to a number of factors, including wrong posture and weight gain. Although in the past, it was assumed that sitting too much had a direct link to lower back pain, recent studies have suggested that there is no link. However, what those studies have found is that those who complain about lower back and have an office job are sitting the wrong and not getting up to move enough.

2. Weight Gain, Obesity, And Diabetes

Another serious issue that comes with a sedentary lifestyle is weight gain. This is especially a concern for office works who sit for long periods. Coupled with an unhealthy diet and being physically inactive outside of work, obesity has become a major problem in America. A recent study found that people who have desk jobs have bigger waists and at an increased risk of heart disease. Weight gain has been linked to not only increased risk for back and knee pain, but also diabetes and heart-related diseases. Weight problems associated with a desk job are caused by a lack of movement, which slows down the metabolism. A slower metabolism leads to greater accumulation of fat, weight gain, and other ailments.

3. Early Death

Sitting for long periods, coupled with increased screen time, has been linked to a greater risk of shorter mortality. Literally, sitting is taking years off your life. The more inactivity and screen time you have, the more likely it is that you’re going to have a premature death. According to some studies, it increases your risk by 50%. Furthermore, an inactive lifestyle increases your risk of cardiovascular disease by 125%!

The Fix For Desk Job Health Risks

Make sure you have good posture while sitting and a supportive chair. If your company offers an ergonomic specialist, take advantage of this benefit to lower your risk of back pain and other ailments. Doctors and other health care professionals suggest getting up for two minutes twice an hour and switching your position every eight minutes to avoid long-term negative effects. Also, consider getting a standing desk, which has been linked to a decreased risk of obesity and heart-related diseases. Always eat healthily and exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. You shouldn’t have to fear your own chair at work, so take advantage of every opportunity to get up and move throughout the day.