3 Problems Women Have That Physical Therapy Helps

Physical therapy helps women with a number of problems and conditions they may experience.

Physical therapy helps women with a number of problems and conditions they may experience.

One of the greatest benefits of physical therapy is that it’s tailored and individualized for each person. This means physiology, medical history, and type of condition and/or injury are taken into account when devising a program. This is essential when it comes to women’s health. Physical therapy is particularly beneficial to women in this way.

Most people think that physical therapy is for athletes or for injury rehabilitation. However, it provides much more than simple rehabilitation. Furthermore, it’s beneficial to just about everyone who has an injury or condition. Indeed, there are many problems that women face that physical therapy is positioned perfectly to help.

Pregnancy Pains

Many women who become pregnant are unaware of the many problems associated with pregnancy. Pain from weight gain as well as incontinence are two conditions caused by being pregnant. From sciatic and lower back pain to preparing for labor and post-natal, physical therapy can be an important and beneficial part of pregnancy care. The effects of pregnancy vary greatly for each woman, but the majority of concerns stem from pain caused by an increase in hormones, a change in the center of gravity, weight gain, and a change in posture. Physical therapy, along with some forms of manual therapy, can help ease pain and even help in childbirth preparation.

Specialty Athletic And Sports Care

When it comes to injury prevention, physical therapy is positioned perfectly to help women and girls. Studies have proven that girls are more at risk for knee injuries because of their natural physiology. Furthermore, girls are more at risk for back pain as well as foot pain. Physical therapy helps women and girls not only recover fully from injuries but also prevent injuries. It can also help deal with musculoskeletal disorders that many women suffer from.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Many women and girls believe that pelvic floor dysfunction is an age-related problem. Indeed, incontinency and pelvic pain are frequent conditions associated with age and childbirth. However, studies have shown that girls in high impact sports, such as gymnastics, may also suffer from the condition. Research shows that physical therapy has helped many women recover from these conditions, and can even help prevent it from occurring again in the future. Furthermore, it can help you avoid surgery and even pain medication.

Physical Therapy Helps Women

Because physical therapy takes into account each person’s natural physiology and medical history, it’s positioned perfectly to help women deal with the many problems they face every day. From prenatal and postnatal care to age-related conditions, physical therapy can help women avoid discomfort, pain, pain medication, and even surgery.