4 Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Back Pain

Back pain affects millions of Americans every year. The best way to beat it is to reduce your risk.

Back pain affects millions of Americans every year. The best way to beat it is to reduce your risk.

Every year, millions of Americans go to the doctor because of back pain. From sciatica to slipped disks to spasms, back pain sufferers use prescription opioids, physical therapy, and even surgery to beat it. However, the best way to deal with pain is to avoid it or to reduce your risk of it. Although there is no guarantee that you’ll avoid every back injury or back pain, there are things you can do to reduce your risk of back pain.

1. Move And Exercise

When you have back pain, it may seem impossible and even counter-intuitive that you should get up and exercise. However, studies are showing more commonly that exercise is an effective way of not only beating the pain but also reducing your risk of it. In fact, a recent study found that exercise could reduce low back pain by up to 35%! However, that doesn’t mean hitting up the heaviest weights in the gym. Alternatively, participants in another study lowered their risk of sciatica by 33% when they simply walked or biked regularly.

2. Maintain Proper Posture And Form

One of the leading causes of back pain is from lifting objects improperly or even sitting improperly. This has led to the now well-known science of ergonomics. Having the right chair, sitting in the right position can significantly lower your risk of back pain. Furthermore, learning to lift properly also significantly lowers your risk.

3. Strengthen Your Core To Lower Your Risk Of Back Pain

It’s no secret that your core is the powerhouse of your body. It is the body’s biggest support system. From helping you keep proper posture to moving safely and correctly, a strong core can be the difference between no pain and a possible injury. Focusing on strengthening your core can help you reduce your risk of back pain as well as improve form and posture.

4. Consider Sitting Less

Many people are well aware of the sedentary lifestyle problem in America. Desk jobs and technology are two of the leading causes of obesity and being overweight. Not only can a sedentary lifestyle lead to weight problems, cardiac problems, and other health-related issues, but it can also lead to pain. From joint pain to weakness and stiffness, sitting should not be your first choice. If you can opt for a standing desk. However, if that’s not a possibility, make sure to get up a move for 10 minutes every hour. Walk around, stretch, and take a break from sitting.