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Over the course of a ride your legs make 10,000 to 50,000 or more revolutions. BikeFit goes beyond injury prevention and rehabilitation, on average our patients have seen an increase of 3 mph on rides after their Bike Fit.

Fitting vs. sizing

Road bike fitting is not road bike sizing. Often, people intertwine these two descriptions, but they are very different. Fitting refers to the contact points or connection points between the cyclist and the bicycle. The goal of a Bike Fit is to get the connection points in the ideal place to allow the cyclist to be comfortable with riding. We adapt the bike to fit the rider as every person’s mechanics and anatomy are different.

BikeFit outcomes:

BikeFit goes beyond just adjusting your bike for your height.

At OSR, we take 2-3 hours to assess your:

From here we make adjustments based on:

If BikeFit is something that interests you feel free to call one of our four convenient locations to find out more or to schedule an appointment!


Price: $275