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Golf Medicine

What is the Golf Medicine program?

OSR’s Golf Medicine Program was created by one of our physical therapists who is certified through the Titleist Performance Institute. This program assesses a person’s physical limitations and relates this to their golf swing. An analysis is performed to identify and correct inefficiencies in a golf swing in order to decrease injury risk and decrease pain when golfing. Ultimately, this program will make the participant’s time on the links more enjoyable. Our physical therapist also has great relationships with many of the local golf professionals in the area, and is able to refer you for further golf instruction for continuous improvement of your game.

What does the Golf Medicine program consist of?

  • Golf specific physical assessment
  • Brief physical therapy examination to determine specific causes of physical limitations
  • Swing analysis to determine swing characteristics that could lead to pain/injury
  • Utilize physical therapy skills and knowledge such as manual therapy techniques, specific exercise corrections, and education to address limitations.

What is the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)?

  • TPI is a company founded by Dr. Greg Rose, a renounced chiropractor whom is well known in the sports medicine field. They have done an incredible amount of research with professional and amateur golfers to determine the “Body-Swing Connection.” In other words, how your physical abilities/limitations affect your golf swing. They work with many PGA Tour professionals and amateurs all over the world. They provide certification courses across the globe to golf professionals, fitness professionals, and healthcare providers. The Titleist Performance Institute was created to educate golf professionals, fitness professionals, and healthcare providers about the golf swing, common swing faults, and how the body relates to the golf swing.

How does Physical Therapy fit into Golf Medicine?

  • Medical background and knowledge allows our therapist to look at YOUR body and relate it to YOUR golf swing. Through the Golf Medicine program, we make your swing as efficient as possible while also determining either why your swing is leading to pain or what in your swing is putting you at risk for pain. We are also able to improve mobility, stability, and strength where it is needed most depending on your specific characteristics. Physical Therapy allows us to provide the participant with the proper education, various manual therapy techniques, and prescribe specific exercises to address your physical limitations in ways that others in the golf and medical industry are not able to.

Who will benefit most from this program? Is it for me?

  • The Golf Medicine Program is designed for all skill levels, from beginners to professionals, young and old, who experience pain during any part of their golf game or would like to prevent any potential golf related injuries from occurring. We can also structure this program for those who are recovering from any injury/surgery, golf related or not, that have a specific goal of returning to golf.

How do I get more information on OSR’s Golf Medicine Program?

  • For more information about golf medicine or to schedule an appointment, please contact   Ethan Meyer, ATR at our Chaska location (952)-512-2470