Monthly Archives: October 2018

The #1 Reason Why You Need Consistent Exercise

You’ve heard it once and you’ll probably hear it a thousand times more – consistent exercise is important to your health. But why is it and why should we have consistent training workout routines? Other than the obvious, the single biggest reason why consistent exercise and, more importantly, consistency in training has everything to do […]

IT Band Syndrome: Everything You Need To Know

IT band syndrome is most often associated with running injuries. It’s one of the most common injuries due to running or sports that require running. Unlike a tear or fracture, IT Band syndrome often doesn’t require a long recovery time and is even preventable most of the time. It’s not an acute injury, but rather […]

Physical Therapy: The Number One Treatment Option For A Frozen Shoulder

It’s a common story for many people – athletes, the physically active, those in their prime years: You have a nagging pain that just won’t go away. The pain worsens so you finally seek treatment. You try acupuncture, chiropractor, and massage therapy. Then, after visiting the doctor, you’re trying medications like steroid injections. Finally, after […]

Getting Pain-Free: “Physical Therapy Improved My Life!”

Sometimes it’s not one incident resulting in pain that causes difficulties in life. Sometimes the cause of pain is the result of a buildup of issues. Even for the fittest and the physically active, pain can start appearing as if out of nowhere. This is exactly what happened to OSR Physical Therapy patient Julie Pfieffer […]

Training Smarter After A Stress Fracture

OSR Physical Therapy patient Kristyn Arends is no stranger to sports – or injuries. The 18-year-old Prior Lake High School soon-to-be graduate has been extremely active in sports since a young age. She’s dealt with knee problems and injuries as well as hip pain throughout her sports career, but that’s never slowed her down. “I’ve […]