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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy
OSR is a physical therapy facility that provides positive, individualized, treatment. OSR is clean, inviting and there is always a positive flow of energy throughout. The staff is dedicated, friendly, and very knowledgeable ~ Nancy J.

Easily Accessible!

OSR offers Five locations in the west metro, with flexible hours to help you get in before or after work/school. We specialize in the care of sports and orthopedic injuries for all ages.


No Referral or MD Order Required!

OSR accepts direct access patients. This means that we do not require a referral/doctor’s order for the first 90 days of your care.

Your well being is our primary concern. We will always do what is best for you. After your initial physical therapy evaluation, your physical therapist will recommend the appropriate plan of care for you. We will not waste your time or money if physical therapy is not your best option for a full and quick recovery.

A few insurance plans do require a doctors order or insurance referral in order to be seen by a physical therapist. Check with your insurance provider to find out more about your insurance benefits!

We also accept insurance referrals and MD orders from all physicians and insurance companies!


Free Injury Consultations!

Have a new injury? Not sure whether or not you should seek medical attention or simply rest and ice?

We offer FREE 10 minute consults with our licensed Athletic Trainers to help you manage your acute injury plan. Call any of our locations to schedule.


Flexible payment options!

We accept most insurances

We have cash pay options as well

Contact Linnea Hanson for more information at