Running Analysis

Running analysis packages are designed to assess your individual running technique, muscle imbalances, and footwear. This information is then used to provide recommendations to optimize your running technique and create cross-training programs to help with injury prevention and optimize running efficiency and pace.

Basic Package:

  • 30 min session
  • Foot structure assessment
  • Full video gait analysis with private access link to review on Dartfish TV at anytime
  • Customized recommendation for running style

Advanced Package:

60 min session, which includes the basic package plus:

  • Full lower body and core assessment of strength and flexibility muscle imbalances
  • Individualized running-specific balance and strengthening exercise prescription
  • Detailed results with still frame images of key positions

Chanhassen Location

7872 Century Blvd
Chanhassen, MN 55317
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Eden Prairie Location

16550 West 78th St., Suite B
Eden Prairie, MN 55346
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Minnetonka Location

5101 County Road 101
Minnetonka, MN 55345
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Chaska Location

110105 Pioneer Trail, Suite 201
Chaska, MN 55318
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Shakopee Location

1667 17th Ave E., Suite 107
Shakopee, MN 55379
Phone: 952-224-8120
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