Post Concussion Symptoms

After a concussion, 20% of symptoms in children and adults will not resolve within the normal time period with rest alone. OSR offers specialized concussion and vestibular rehabilitation customized specifically for these people.


What is Vestibular Therapy?

Vestibular therapy is a type of physical therapy that focuses on treating the symptoms of concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) by addressing issues with the inner ear and balance system. The goal of vestibular therapy is to help patients regain their balance, reduce dizziness and vertigo, and alleviate other related symptoms.

The vestibular system is a complex system of organs located in the inner ear that helps control balance and spatial orientation. When this system is damaged due to a concussion or TBI, patients may experience a range of symptoms, including dizziness, vertigo, nausea, and difficulty with coordination and balance.

Vestibular therapy is a specialized type of physical therapy that uses exercises and techniques designed to help patients regain their balance, reduce dizziness and vertigo, and alleviate other related symptoms. The therapy is typically performed by a licensed physical therapist who has received specialized training in vestibular therapy.


How Does Vestibular Therapy Work?

During a vestibular therapy session, the therapist will perform a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s balance and vestibular function. Based on the evaluation, the therapist will develop a personalized treatment plan that may include a variety of exercises and techniques, such as gaze stabilization exercises, balance training, and habituation exercises.



Gaze stabilization exercises involve focusing on a stationary object while moving the head, which helps to improve the patient’s ability to maintain visual focus during movement. Balance training may include exercises such as standing on one leg or walking on a balance beam to improve the patient’s ability to maintain their balance. Habituation exercises involve repeated exposure to movements or positions that cause dizziness or vertigo, which helps the patient’s brain adapt and reduce these symptoms over time.

Vestibular therapy can be particularly beneficial for athletes who have suffered a concussion and are looking to safely return to play. The therapy can help athletes regain their balance, reduce dizziness and vertigo, and improve their coordination and spatial awareness.

If you are experiencing symptoms of dizziness, vertigo, or balance problems following a concussion or TBI, vestibular therapy may be an effective treatment option. Contact OSR physical therapy to schedule an evaluation and find out if vestibular therapy is right for you.

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