What Is Proprioception Injury Prevention?

Acute sports injuries are some of the most painful injuries for an athlete. An injury is physically painful. But, it can be emotionally painful as well as you’re sidelined for days and even months until you recover. Often the result of accidents, and acute injuries are not 100% preventable. However, knowing where you are in […]

Pulled Groins Vs Sports Hernias: How To Tell The Difference!

It’s one of the most painful moments of any athlete’s life. Doing a fast cutover during practice or twisting too much to avoid another player, suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your inner thighs and up into your groin. At first, you try to brush it off and continue, but it doesn’t take long […]

Sprains, Strains, & Muscle Tears: The Complete Guide

Sprains, strains, and tears – they’re equally painful and can force you to take a break from your sport. They’re very similar injuries and have similar causes. Yet, these injuries are different and affect different parts of the body. Sprains are tears that happen in the ligaments when you overstretch, torque, or otherwise overstress in some way […]

Experiancing Pain When Running? Your Shoes Could Be The Problem!

Running pain could be the result of many things, from an oncoming injury to muscle imbalance. While you might be tempted to think the worst, it could simply be due to what you’re wearing on your feet. New studies show that your running shoes are linked more than ever to the way you run. This […]

Common Injuries With Hip Pain

If you’re an athlete, then you’re probably no stranger to pain. You put your body through the wringer every day at practice and training. From normal muscle usage soreness to outright acute injuries, you almost expect pain as an athlete. It seems like a normal part of playing sports. Indeed, sports can lead to much pain […]

3 Things You Can Do If You Have Hip Bursitis

If you’re a runner or participate in running-oriented sports like soccer and football, then chances are you’ve had some hip pain in some form. Maybe it hasn’t been painful enough to make you deal with it. Yet, leaving hip pain untreated can lead to more serious injury. More importantly, however, it can prevent you from […]

How To Avoid Muscle Loss As You Age

Most of us think of muscle loss happening when we’re in our 70s and 80s – the time of life when frailty and lack of independence overtake us. Indeed, although we feel invincible in our younger years, muscle loss will happen to us all. It’s only a matter of time. And, unfortunately for some of […]

Experiancing Pain While Texting? It Could be Quervain’s

In 2018, Americans sent on average 27 billion texts per day. Yes, you read that right. On average, we as a nation send almost 30 billion texts per day, which equals out to about 94 texts per day per person. There were also 281 billion more emails sent worldwide. That’s a lot of typing and texting. With […]

Smart Tips For Staying Active In Aging

It’s true: Aging means changing some things in your life. As your body starts to feel the toll of all the years of use and abuse from sports, you might not feel like a spring chicken anymore. Your days of feeling invincible may be numbered and your body may not be as forgiving as when […]

Weight Lifting: Good For Your Heart & Injury Prevention

Running is an ever-growing popular sport among professional and recreational athletes. It’s also one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise – and everyone knows the benefits of having a healthy cardiovascular system, especially in preventing injuries. Yet, running is not the only cardio workout. There’s swimming, cycling, plyometrics, dancing, and many other sports and activities that […]

Winter Biking Safety Tips

The Twin Cities has one of the most active populations in the country. It’s something we’re proud of because even in the wintertime, our outdoor physical activities do not slow down. While the rest of the country trades the trails and roads for a treadmill or stationary bike, we strap on the skis and fat […]

Text Neck: Yes It’s Real!

It’s no secret that people spend more time on their phones texting and using the Internet than using it as an actual phone. At first, it seemed only beneficial – to send off quick messages at the drop of a hat or look something up quickly on the Internet. But, no one anticipated just how […]

6 Busted Myths About Concussions

How often do you find yourself searching on the Internet for medical information? A lot? You’re not alone, as witnessed by the rise of such sites as Web MD that seem to have all the answers to every medical problem. And, even if most of the information is reliable, a lot goes unsaid and is […]

A Good Night’s Sleep Is Crucial In Concussion Recovery

For years, parents were told to keep their children awake after sustaining a suspected concussion. This was due to a lack of knowledge on life-threatening brain bleeds, which can now be detected by a CT scan. Furthermore, less than 0.1% of concussions result in brain bleeds. Most head injuries for children, teens, and athletes are […]

Gait Training: Preventing Injury Through Your Feet

Our poor feet. They’re usually the last thing we think about at the end of the day, but they’re probably the most used and abused part of our bodies. From wearing unsupportive shoes like high heels and flip-flops to placing more stress and pressure on them from high-impact sports, your feet can be the unnoticed […]

Treating Wrist Pain With Physical Therapy

What is the one thing that you spend most of your time doing that requires a lot of usage from your wrist and fingers? If you just take a look around you at work or while standing in line at the coffee shop, you’ll probably see the answer – phone usage. This is particularly true […]

Concussion-Related Problems: Treating Vertigo

Many people experience dizziness and vertigo right after hitting their head hard enough to cause a concussion. Apart from losing consciousness and nausea, dizziness and vertigo are often the first symptoms to show up right after the event. Like headaches, these symptoms can linger long after the initial head trauma and can even develop or […]

What Is The ALTERG Anti-Gravity Treadmill?

You’re more than halfway through your marathon training and coming up to the point in your training when you’ll be tapering off. You’ve been putting in the miles for the last few months and your body has started to feel it. Over the past few months, you’ve felt great, but lately, there’s been some nagging […]

How You Can Avoid Surgery For A Torn Meniscus

Knee surgery among athletes for injuries is common. It’s so common that the sports medical community has been looking for alternatives to cut down on costs as well as athlete downtime from injury and surgery. Furthermore, they’ve been looking for ways to cut down on the number of athletes on opioids and pain medication due […]

Stress Incontinence & Athletes

When OSR physical therapist Elizabeth Johnston was in high school, she heard firsthand from her fellow dancers on the dance team about the frustrations over leaking while jumping. It was embarrassing to talk about and it seemed no one wanted to discuss it at all. After all, when it comes to the involuntary loss of […]

Prehab: What Is It?

Ah, to be injury-free! It’s an athlete’s best dream. Yet, it’s not just athletes that benefit from being injury-free. No one likes to get injured. What’s the best way to avoid injury? You could avoid sports and physical activity at all costs and sit at home, but then you’d mostly just be avoiding life. And, […]

Safe Ways To Train During Injury Recovery

When you’re an active athlete, it’s difficult to be sidelined. Que the restlessness, the worry, and anxiety, not to mention boredom when you can’t do what you love. When you can’t be as active due to an injury, it can affect your mental health just as much as your physical health. It can make it […]

Pelvic Physical Therapy: What To Expect

Nobody likes to admit it when they have a problem, especially when that problem is affecting their everyday life. Furthermore, it’s even more difficult to recognize a problem when it involves the pelvic area. Pelvic problems are common, yet they are not normal. There are ways to treat pelvic problems without invasive surgery or medication. […]

3 Hidden Swimming Injuries to be Aware Of!

Swimming is an incredibly physically demanding sport. Yet, it’s also a great way to cross-train and have an active recovery day. It’s low-impact, which makes it ideal for people recovering from an injury. However, despite its low impact, you’re still at risk of injuring yourself while swimming. Most people – competitive and recreational swimmers alike […]

Cross-Train With Trail Running & Other Benefits

For many avid runners, there’s nothing like slipping on a pair of shoes and hitting the road. You’d be hard-pressed to find a runner that likes to run on the treadmill. Ask any of them what they prefer – inside or outside running – and almost every one of them will say outside. However, the […]

Living More Comfortably With Pelvic Problems

Let’s make this clear: You are not alone when it comes to pelvic problems. Pelvic disorders are difficult to live with, uncomfortable, and even painful. It’ll make you want to avoid certain activities or stay near a bathroom. It’s perhaps even more uncomfortable to talk about pelvic problems – even with your doctor. However, you […]

4 Ways to Avoid Trail Running Injuries

After gearing up in the early morning, you get into your car and you start driving – further and further away from the city you’re so accustomed to seeing. The grays and browns of the concrete buildings gradually give way to the beautiful colors of nature – greens in the summer, and gold and red […]

Pelvic Health & Physical Therapy

Pelvic health is not something that many women actively think about regularly. Maintaining fitness, mind, body, and emotions usually take up the priority list when it comes to overall health. About the only time pelvic health is discussed is during the once-a-year annual check-ups with your OB doctor. However, as a woman, your pelvic health […]

4 Common Swimming Injuries That Can be Prevented

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more than a million recreational and competitive swimmers in the US. With over 300 million visits each year, it’s a popular competitive sport as well as recreational activity. So popular that it ranks fourth in the United States and is even the most popular activity […]

Joint Stability Vs Joint Mobility: Why They Both Matter

The joints are often the most neglected part of the body for an athlete, as the focus is mostly on muscle strength and endurance. Yet, they can be the most problematic for anyone who moves, which is pretty much, well, everyone. Regardless of athletic ability or fitness level, healthy joints mean happy joints and happy […]

Your Guide to Overtraining Injuries

Whether a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, you should always be cautious of overtraining. Many people make the mistake of either training too little or too much. When you have a high goal – like running a marathon or losing 70 pounds – it’s tempting to hit the gym as often as possible. However, […]

What Are Stabilizer Muscles?

Ever heard of stabilizer muscles? If you haven’t, then you’re not alone as most people don’t know they even exist. When it comes to working out and fitness, most people primarily think about strengthening those muscles that move the body. Yet, it’s the stabilizing muscles that hold your body upright and in control enough to […]

What Is Functional Strength Training?

Ever heard of functional strength training? Even though the term has been around for almost a decade, many people are still unaware of what it is and its benefits. You move every day. The human body goes through various movements in the day that are apart from fitness and physical activity. You walk, run, jog, […]

Comback Athlete: Recovering From An Ankle Injury

Athletes are known for their fitness level, athletic abilities, and coordination. Yet, even the best of us can find ourselves injured by a simple misstep in everyday life. Wintertime is especially hazardous for everyone, regardless of fitness level and abilities. Simply walking from your car to the store and hitting a slippery patch of ice can result […]

Comeback Athlete: Preventing A Stress Fracture

Figure skaters are no strangers to pain. From bruises due to falling to muscle strains and sprains, pain is an everyday part of the sport. However, even though most figure skaters live by the motto “no pain, no gain”, they all know that there comes a point when pain could indicate something worse. This was […]

How To Prevent Injuries With Core Stability Training

For most people, core training is all about achieving those washboard abs. It’s the mythical unicorn that everyone wants to catch and hold onto for the rest of their lives. After all, who doesn’t want great-looking abs? But working on your core should be more than just looking great. More specifically, core stability training is […]

The Everyday Benefits Of A Strong Core

Yeah OK. You hear it from your coach, your trainer, your friend, your neighbor down the street, maybe even your doctor. You need to have a strong core. Yes, you need a strong for exercise performance. But, did you know there are everyday benefits to a strong core and it’s even a necessity? Most people […]

5 Ways To Do An Injury Prevention Workout

Unfortunately, often, people only think about injury prevention when it’s already too late and they’re coming back from an injury. Although it’s better late than never, injury prevention should be integrated into every person’s training routine. Injury prevention workouts don’t have to include full routines specifically designed to prevent injuries. Any exercise if done properly […]

Acute Injury Prevention: Stability Training

If you’ve ever heard of stability strength training or functional training, then you’re not alone. Functional training was a huge buzzword in the not-too-long-ago past, and it’s certainly making a comeback. However, there are some major developments in the training that make it almost non-recognizable today. Whereas before it was all about core strength, today […]

Strains & Sprains: What’s The Difference?

Sprains and strains are two of the most common injuries that span across both sports and everyday life. They can happen to anyone at any time and anywhere – from walking down the stairs to game time. There are also many causes of the injuries, including alignment problems as well as accidents. Although most people […]

Why Your Pain Worsens While Lying And Sitting

It’s a problem many people experience when they have chronic pain, particularly back or hip pain. Often, the pain worsens when they lie down or are sitting for prolonged periods. After being sedentary, movement increases the pain in the troublesome area. It makes resting difficult and can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. […]

The Key To Good Health: Balance And Injury Prevention

If you want a true test of your injury risk, try this: Stand somewhere safe – in the middle of a room away from furniture is suggested. Lift one foot off the ground and close your eyes. Are you able to hold your balance without wiggling or toppling over? How long can hold steady? If […]

What Is Muscle Imbalance?

You’ve heard of the issues related to muscle weakness and bad alignment, but how about muscle imbalances? Most people know little if nothing about muscle imbalance. Most people have never even heard of such a thing – even those who claim to be fitness fanatics and gurus. However, muscle imbalances are one of the major […]

Backpack Safety Tips To Avoid Pain

We’ve come a long way as a society to prevent unnecessary pain and injuries in children. We take greater care in their sports health. We ensure they’re not overdoing it in sports. And we do all we can to protect them during games. One thing we always forget to include when it comes to injury […]

How Strengthening Exercises Help Prevent Injuries

Unloading Stress Helps Prevent Injuries One of the major causes of injuries is overtaxing and overworking muscles. Even the fittest athletes can end up injured due to overworking a particular muscle. This isn’t always due to overtraining either. Many times it can be due to undertraining, improper training, or – more precisely – not strengthening […]

Physical Therapy Vs Surgery: Which Should You Choose?

Jane wasn’t a highly competitive athlete in her youth but physical activity and fitness were priorities throughout her entire life. She loved being able to strap on her tennis shoes and go for a run in the spring, or pull out her bike and head out for a ride in the summer. In the wintertime, […]

How Physical Therapy Helps With Pain Management

“Pain is weakness leaving the body.” “No pain, no gain.” We hear these phrases often in response to being in pain as if living with pain every day is expected and normal. Granted, not one of us will go through life completely pain-free. However, this doesn’t mean that if you’re in pain you just ignore […]

Four Rules For Family Summer Safety

Ah! It’s finally the time of year when the snow has melted, the cold weather has headed out of town, and Ole’ Man Winter is nowhere to be seen. Snow blowers are replaced with lawnmowers; shovels are replaced with grills; snowsuits are traded in for swimsuits. While the fear of slipping and falling on ice […]

Does Cardio Help Prevent Injuries?

Many people focus on cardiovascular exercise as a way to increase their endurance, burn calories, and stay heart-healthy. Indeed, cardio exercise is one of the best forms of working out to boost your overall health. It works your heart just as much as it works your muscles. Cardio, also known as aerobic exercise, is used […]

The Benefits Of Cross-Training: Do You Really Need It?

Those who are physically active from competitive athletes to weekend warriors all have one major thing in common. Workout and training routines get old and get old fast. Moreover, when you do the same-old, same-old day in and day out your body hardly feels “the burn” anymore. So what’s the solution? Cross training! Yes, cross-training […]

What Are Shin Splints?

If you’re an athlete, weekend warrior, or just physically active and spend any amount of time on your feet then you’ve probably experienced one of the most common types of injuries – the shin splint. Shin splints are painful and just downright irritating if they become a chronic problem. It’s a common injury that most […]

Comeback Athlete: “Long-Term Health Means Taking Care Of Yourself!”

For five years, OSR Physical Therapy patient JR Ocenasek spent day after day fixing his shoulder whenever it would pop out. Due to a labral tear caused by playing baseball, his shoulder was unstable and constantly slipped. At first, his shoulder would pop out infrequently and he’d just pop it back into place. However, it […]

The #1 Reason Why You Need Consistent Exercise

You’ve heard it once and you’ll probably hear it a thousand times more – consistent exercise is important to your health. But why is it and why should we have consistent training workout routines? Other than the obvious, the single biggest reason why consistent exercise and, more importantly, consistency in training has everything to do […]

IT Band Syndrome: Everything You Need To Know

IT band syndrome is most often associated with running injuries. It’s one of the most common injuries due to running or sports that require running. Unlike a tear or fracture, IT Band syndrome often doesn’t require a long recovery time and is even preventable most of the time. It’s not an acute injury, but rather […]

Physical Therapy: The Number One Treatment Option For A Frozen Shoulder

It’s a common story for many people – athletes, the physically active, those in their prime years: You have a nagging pain that just won’t go away. The pain worsens so you finally seek treatment. You try acupuncture, chiropractor, and massage therapy. Then, after visiting the doctor, you’re trying medications like steroid injections. Finally, after […]

Getting Pain-Free: “Physical Therapy Improved My Life!”

Sometimes it’s not one incident resulting in pain that causes difficulties in life. Sometimes the cause of pain is the result of a buildup of issues. Even for the fittest and the physically active, pain can start appearing as if out of nowhere. This is exactly what happened to OSR Physical Therapy patient Julie Pfieffer […]

Training Smarter After A Stress Fracture

OSR Physical Therapy patient Kristyn Arends is no stranger to sports – or injuries. The 18-year-old Prior Lake High School soon-to-be graduate has been extremely active in sports since a young age. She’s dealt with knee problems and injuries as well as hip pain throughout her sports career, but that’s never slowed her down. “I’ve […]

5 Ways That Physical Therapy Can Treat Pain

Physical therapy used to be considered an alternative form of treatment for pain or a rehabilitation method for post-surgery patients and the injured. However, over the last decade, it’s become a considerably effective and first-choice form of treatment for pain as well as injuries. Furthermore, as the opioid crisis in America consistently makes the headlines, doctors are […]

Rebuilding Strength: “Physical Therapy Truly Works!”

Tim Moore thought he’d never be able to walk normally again. In 2014, he was in a head-on collision with another vehicle that left him seriously injured but alive. “Going 60-70 mph while the other person is doing the same, it’s amazing that we both got out of there alive,” said Moore, remembering back to […]

Can You Predict Sports Injuries?

Imagine a world where we could stop sports injuries from occurring before they happened. It would be quite a world. Your favorite sports teams would never lose the star player. Your sports hero would never get hurt. And you would never experience any setbacks in your athletic career due to an injury. Sounds too good to be […]

Why Is Proper Workout Form Important?

You’ve probably heard it so much that you’ve grown accustomed to it: proper workout form is important. You hear it from your coach or personal trainer, fitness and sports experts, physical therapists, and pretty much everyone and anyone who has anything to say about physical activity. Although you’ve heard it before and you’ll keep hearing […]

How Important Are Your Feet Anyways?

Take a moment to think about how you’d live your life if you didn’t have your feet. Inconvenient would be the understatement of the year if that’s the word you’d use to describe being footless. Yet, many of us take our feet for granted every day of the year. Worse yet, many of us don’t […]

Comeback Athlete: Being Injury-Free Means Strength Training

It was supposed to be just a normal routine training run for Heidi Leighton as she stepped out into the cold winter morning. The ice and snow made it difficult for stability as she planted each foot into the snow-covered pathways. With each step, she was reminded of the nagging pain in her hips and […]

Post-Amputation Care: “You Have to Push Yourself if You Want Normal!”

You could say that 2017 was a hard year for OSR Physical Therapy patient Bob French, and it would be a gross understatement. However, French would say we’re all wrong as he considers himself lucky. He might’ve lost his left leg, he said, but he is feeling stronger and better than ever before and he […]

The Number One Way to Prevent Falls in Older Adults

Falling is one of the greatest fears among aging adults and their families. Many grown children of older adults fear this so much that they hope their aging parents will live in a senior community where they can get help immediately when they need it. The fear is normal, considering one in four Americans over the […]

Comeback Athlete: Playing Back at 100% Again Post-knee Surgery

Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) can be an extremely painful and debilitating condition that develops in the joints. The most common place for an OCD lesion to occur is in the knee, especially in growing children and young adults. It makes it difficult to tighten and stretch the quad, which can make walking, running, and jumping difficult […]

How to Avoid Gardening Pain

For Minnesotans, there’s nothing like being outdoors. In fact, despite the cold weather, Minnesota still tops the nation when it comes to being physically active – even outdoors. Biking, running, hunting, fishing, hiking, and anything done on a lake contribute to us having one of the lowest rates of cardiovascular deaths in the US. And, even […]

Comeback Athlete: From Torn ACL to The Court

Ask any athlete what injury they worry about and dread the most and the answer is probably a torn ACL. It’s one of the most difficult injuries to come back from, often needing surgery and a long rehabilitation period. Sometimes, if not rehabilitated or treated properly, a torn ACL can lead to future knee problems […]

Why Do I Get Muscle Cramps When Excersising?

Muscle cramps during exercise are one of those things that nearly every physically active person experiences at least once. They’re painful and unpredictable, not to mention involuntary. Many people experience them early on in their workout, while others experience them during the cool down. While some muscle cramps, also commonly referred to as muscle spasms, […]

Comeback Athlete: Concussion Recovery

When you mention concussion or brain injury, many people automatically think of football and contact sports. Indeed, they’d be right to think that contact sports present a high risk of brain injury; after all, the NFL controversy has brought the issue into the spotlight in the past few years. Furthermore, the NFL has been at […]

Finding the Right Bike: The Ultimate Guide to Bike Fitting

  Cycling is an ever-increasing popular sport. Many people are turning to cycling as a way to stay athletic when other high-impact sports – such as running – become too painful. While some people are switching sports, other people are using cycling as a way to stay fit and as part of their usual fitness […]

Comeback Athlete: “Shoulder Ski Injury Can’t Keep Me Down”

The American Birkebeiner (Birkie) is perhaps the largest and longest cross-country ski race in America and North America. From Cable to Hayward, WI, skiers race either 31 miles for the freestyle race or 34 miles for the classic race. It’s grueling. Yet it draws more than 10,000 athletes from around the world each year to […]

5 Ways to Avoid and Recover from Baseball Injuries

From being a favorite pastime sport for many children up through college to being a competitive team sport, baseball is one of the most popular American sports. With the likes of Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson, and Barry Bonds still being the sports heroes of many Americans, it’s no surprise that youth baseball and softball […]

Comeback Athlete: Swimmer Beats Back Hip Injury

When you think of swimming, you don’t typically think of the role hips play. Granted, pain in the lower extremities, such as a hip injury, caused by swimming is quite uncommon in the sport. However, the hips and legs play a crucial role in swimming biomechanics and pain can make it difficult to swim correctly. […]

Parents: Here’s How to Prevent a Child’s Injury

As parents, we want nothing but the best for our children. We encourage them to play sports as part of their healthy childhood development. We push them to excel in school and academics. As a parent, you want nothing more than to see your child succeed and whatever he or she is doing and to […]

Injury Prevention 101

Every single person who is physically active wishes for one thing – to remain injury-free. Even if you’re not as physically active as you should be, you probably fear an oncoming injury if you start working out. Although you cannot prevent all injuries 100% of the time, there are certain steps you can take to […]

How to Avoid Muscle Soreness

It’s no secret that muscles go through a lot of stress when we work out. Especially if we’re starting a new type of workout or working new muscles, soreness, and tightness can occur both immediately after or 24-48 hours after a workout. There are two types of muscle soreness: (1) pain during or immediately after a […]

What is Mobility and Why Does it Matter?

Whether you’re an athlete, weekend warrior, just beginning, or looking to stay physically active; whether you’re young, in the prime years of your life, or heading into older age, muscle, strength, endurance, and movement are probably what you think about most. If you’re a young athlete, your priority is building or maintaining a fitness level […]

5 Aging Myths That Physical Therapy Busts

Growing older is always something we’re trying to prolong. Like trying to prevent summer from turning to fall and heading to winter, we helplessly look for ways to prolong the inevitable. From simple things like taking daily vitamins and exercising to taking it to the extreme with surgery, many of us look to science and […]

How to Stay Injury-Free During Different Training Types

When we think about exercise, we often picture ourselves doing high-intensity workouts that make us want to collapse to the floor after we’re done. Long-distance running, sprinting, strenuous biking, kickboxing – if it makes you drip with sweat, that’s the workout you want to do, or so you may think. However, aerobic exercise is only […]

Can Breathing Right During Exercise Help You Avoid Injury?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been told to breathe during your workout. Chances are if you’re actively fit or an athlete, you’ve been told that more times than you can count. However, have you ever been told why it’s important to breathe during exercise? More importantly, it’s not just making sure you’re inhaling and […]

The One Reason Why You Should Never Skip a Warm-Up

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard about the importance of warming up before exercise. We’re told to do it before a workout or sports practice, even before going on something as simple as a walk. However, chances are you’ve probably skipped your warm-up once or twice and even reconsidered the […]

What are the Benefits to Family Exercise?

As parents, we’re well aware of the importance of healthy living and staying physically active. We encourage our children to play outside and join youth sports, while we may head to the gym. Physical activity is so important that we often schedule time to do it. Not often enough, however, do we consider making time […]

Why Physical Therapy Will Help You Age Well

Physical therapy has significantly grown from what most people still think of it as being – injury rehabilitation. What was once considered a recommendation for the injured and post-op surgery patients, has now become a reliable alternative to many other “traditional” medicinal approaches. Physical therapy is quickly becoming a more popular alternative to opioids and […]

What Therapy is Best for Me?

When it comes to injury and pain, many Americans are opting for alternative forms of management. Particularly, therapy as a way to manage and heal pain and injury has become increasingly popular. However, it may be difficult to determine what therapy is best for you. Becoming familiar with the different kinds of therapy available will […]

These Are The Best Exercises for Your Heart

The heart is like any muscle in the body, needing to be strengthened through physical activity to function at its best. Even if you have a heart condition, the American Heart Association still recommends physical activity to help recover and decrease symptoms. Just like certain kinds of physical activity – called physical therapy – will […]

Can you be Active with Heart Disease?

Exercise is one of the best ways to lower your risk of heart disease. However, what if you’ve already been diagnosed with heart disease? Despite what many people may think, having a cardiovascular condition does not mean you can’t partake in physical activity. The good news is that not only can you remain physically active […]

What is the Best Way to Excersise?

Whether you’re an athlete, seriously physically active, or just into light exercising, you might have always wondered about the best exercises to do. Is there a single best workout or exercise for overall health? “What’s one thing I can do for the rest of my life that will keep me healthy?” is what many people […]

Does Good Posture Matter?

We probably all heard the saying growing up to stand up straight or sit up straight. The reasons given were often, “You look like a slouch if you don’t sit right”; or “You’ll be more productive.” Granted, there is some truth to those reasons – indeed, slouching often begets negative judgments from onlookers, and studies […]

Ice Vs Heat: When to Use Each One

Using ice and heat for therapy is an easy way to care for your injury or manage your pain at home. However, there’s a lot of confusion as to when to use ice vs. heat for injuries and pain. Also known as cryotherapy and thermotherapy, both of these therapies are excellent ways to reduce inflammation […]

RICE Treatment: Are You Doing it Right?

When you roll your ankle or strain your knee, chances are the first thing you’ll reach for is the ice pack. It’s common knowledge now that when you’re in pain, you should probably rest, ice the affected area, and even elevate it. Called the RICE treatment, it’s been used for decades to treat injuries, pain, […]

How Physical Therapy Helps These 3 Chronic Conditions

We often think of physical therapy as helping with injuries, post-surgery, elderly, or chronic pain. However, depending on their specialty, physical therapists can treat many medical conditions that extend past the most common reasons for physical therapy treatment. For many chronic medical conditions, physical therapy helps restore or improve mobility and movement, control movement, and […]

How to be a More Active Family

Family time is extremely important, but with multiple schedules to juggle it can be difficult to find that time. From work and school responsibilities to extra-curricular activities, finding the time to spend as a family can seem like a lofty goal. Then, add in the necessity of physical exercise for both you and the kids, […]

How to Exercise With Chronic Pain

If you’re experiencing chronic pain, you are not alone. Currently, over 25.3 million Americans report having chronic pain in their life. Several conditions cause this chronic pain. Some of these are from prior existing medical conditions – such as MS, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or cancer. Other reasons for ongoing pain can be from something acute – like […]

Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine: What to Know

Athletes know that there is nothing worse than having to sit out a game or season because of pain or an injury. This is also the fear of many parents and coaches as well. Having to see their child or athlete not be able to do what he or she loves to do is heartbreaking. […]

Workout Recovery – The Proper Way

We’ve all been there: You’re crunched for training time and you had to skip yesterday’s workout because life got in the way. So you skip your recovery day to fit in another workout and get caught up. There’s no harm in skipping your workout recovery routine just this once, right? However, whether you have an […]