What is the Best Way to Excersise?

Whether you’re an athlete, seriously physically active, or just into light exercising, you might have always wondered about the best exercises to do. Is there a single best workout or exercise for overall health? “What’s one thing I can do for the rest of my life that will keep me healthy?” is what many people wonder. Every year, sometimes even multiple times a year, there’s a new study that comes out saying one form of exercising is better than the rest. However, as with most health studies, those results always seem to change yearly as we gain more understanding of health from medical research. So, is there one best exercise that rules over the rest?

The answer is yes – and no because it ultimately depends on your health goals.

1. Walking Is Rated As The Best Exercise

Over the years, many forms of physical activity have been effective in preventing various forms of disease and even increasing life longevity. Some workouts are designed for those with heart conditions, while others are for competitive athletes and serious exercisers. Still, other forms of exercise are best for certain stages in your life, such as growing older, or medical conditions. However, despite the multiple studies and benefits of other forms of exercise, walking and aerobic exercise are still rated as the best exercises for overall health. Not only can most people do it at any stage in their lives, but you can do it almost anywhere. It’s suitable for anyone and reduces your risk of many medical conditions –such as heart disease and hypertension – among other numerous benefits.

2. Running Boosts Heart Health

Some people may not find walking as effective as running, especially if you’re a serious exerciser, athlete, or looking to reach some fitness goals. Researchers have proven that running increases life longevity keeps your heart healthy, and burns more calories. It works to strengthen muscles in the legs and core. Because it’s such a good form of cardiovascular exercise and burns calories like crazy, it’s one of the best forms of exercising for losing weight and keeping it off.

3. Swimming Works Everything

Want a total body workout with one exercise? Try swimming. Swimming is one of the best exercises that gives a complete body workout – exercising everything from the shoulders and heart down to the feet. Unlike running which can present challenges for many people and can have a higher injury risk because of its high impact, swimming has no impact at all. This means almost everyone can do it – even those who are injured. Whether it’s doing laps or water aerobics, it’s perfect for all ages, is a great cardiovascular workout, and strengthens muscles while protecting joints.

4. The Plank – A Simple Exercise

When most people think of the plank, they think of an ab workout. Indeed, it’s one of the best exercises for your core. However, it works so much more than your abdominal muscles. Doing the plank strengthens your arms, shoulders, back, abdominals muscles, and even legs and hips as you hold the position and engage the right muscles. It improves balance and posture and can even help reduce back pain. The downside to the plank is that it’s not appropriate for everyone and if done incorrectly, can cause more pain.

5. Strength Training And Injury Prevention

Still, one of the best ways to prevent injuries is to strengthen your muscles. Lifting weights, along with other forms of strength training, keep your muscles strong. This means that they can support your body through any activity and help you burn calories. Coupled with aerobic exercising, a strengthening program can tackle most health-related concerns in your life. However, learning the proper form before starting a strength training program is important.

Improper form can lead to pain and injury. Seeking help in establishing the right training program with the right form can help you avoid injury and improve your health.