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Comeback Athlete: Playing Back at 100% Again Post-knee Surgery

Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) can be an extremely painful and debilitating condition that develops in the joints. The most common place for an OCD lesion to occur is in the knee, especially in growing children and young adults. It makes it difficult to tighten and stretch the quad, which can make walking, running, and jumping difficult […]

How to Avoid Gardening Pain

For Minnesotans, there’s nothing like being outdoors. In fact, despite the cold weather, Minnesota still tops the nation when it comes to being physically active – even outdoors. Biking, running, hunting, fishing, hiking, and anything done on a lake contribute to us having one of the lowest rates of cardiovascular deaths in the US. And, even […]

Comeback Athlete: From Torn ACL to The Court

Ask any athlete what injury they worry about and dread the most and the answer is probably a torn ACL. It’s one of the most difficult injuries to come back from, often needing surgery and a long rehabilitation period. Sometimes, if not rehabilitated or treated properly, a torn ACL can lead to future knee problems […]

Why Do I Get Muscle Cramps When Excersising?

Muscle cramps during exercise are one of those things that nearly every physically active person experiences at least once. They’re painful and unpredictable, not to mention involuntary. Many people experience them early on in their workout, while others experience them during the cool down. While some muscle cramps, also commonly referred to as muscle spasms, […]

Comeback Athlete: Concussion Recovery

When you mention concussion or brain injury, many people automatically think of football and contact sports. Indeed, they’d be right to think that contact sports present a high risk of brain injury; after all, the NFL controversy has brought the issue into the spotlight in the past few years. Furthermore, the NFL has been at […]