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What Is Proprioception Injury Prevention?

Acute sports injuries are some of the most painful injuries for an athlete. An injury is physically painful. But, it can be emotionally painful as well as you’re sidelined for days and even months until you recover. Often the result of accidents, and acute injuries are not 100% preventable. However, knowing where you are in […]

Pulled Groins Vs Sports Hernias: How To Tell The Difference!

It’s one of the most painful moments of any athlete’s life. Doing a fast cutover during practice or twisting too much to avoid another player, suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your inner thighs and up into your groin. At first, you try to brush it off and continue, but it doesn’t take long […]

Sprains, Strains, & Muscle Tears: The Complete Guide

Sprains, strains, and tears – they’re equally painful and can force you to take a break from your sport. They’re very similar injuries and have similar causes. Yet, these injuries are different and affect different parts of the body. Sprains are tears that happen in the ligaments when you overstretch, torque, or otherwise overstress in some way […]

Experiancing Pain When Running? Your Shoes Could Be The Problem!

Running pain could be the result of many things, from an oncoming injury to muscle imbalance. While you might be tempted to think the worst, it could simply be due to what you’re wearing on your feet. New studies show that your running shoes are linked more than ever to the way you run. This […]