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How You Can Avoid Surgery For A Torn Meniscus

Knee surgery among athletes for injuries is common. It’s so common that the sports medical community has been looking for alternatives to cut down on costs as well as athlete downtime from injury and surgery. Furthermore, they’ve been looking for ways to cut down on the number of athletes on opioids and pain medication due […]

Stress Incontinence & Athletes

When OSR physical therapist Elizabeth Johnston was in high school, she heard firsthand from her fellow dancers on the dance team about the frustrations over leaking while jumping. It was embarrassing to talk about and it seemed no one wanted to discuss it at all. After all, when it comes to the involuntary loss of […]

Prehab: What Is It?

Ah, to be injury-free! It’s an athlete’s best dream. Yet, it’s not just athletes that benefit from being injury-free. No one likes to get injured. What’s the best way to avoid injury? You could avoid sports and physical activity at all costs and sit at home, but then you’d mostly just be avoiding life. And, […]

Safe Ways To Train During Injury Recovery

When you’re an active athlete, it’s difficult to be sidelined. Que the restlessness, the worry, and anxiety, not to mention boredom when you can’t do what you love. When you can’t be as active due to an injury, it can affect your mental health just as much as your physical health. It can make it […]