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How Physical Therapy Helps These 3 Chronic Conditions

We often think of physical therapy as helping with injuries, post-surgery, elderly, or chronic pain. However, depending on their specialty, physical therapists can treat many medical conditions that extend past the most common reasons for physical therapy treatment. For many chronic medical conditions, physical therapy helps restore or improve mobility and movement, control movement, and […]

How to be a More Active Family

Family time is extremely important, but with multiple schedules to juggle it can be difficult to find that time. From work and school responsibilities to extra-curricular activities, finding the time to spend as a family can seem like a lofty goal. Then, add in the necessity of physical exercise for both you and the kids, […]

How to Exercise With Chronic Pain

If you’re experiencing chronic pain, you are not alone. Currently, over 25.3 million Americans report having chronic pain in their life. Several conditions cause this chronic pain. Some of these are from prior existing medical conditions – such as MS, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or cancer. Other reasons for ongoing pain can be from something acute – like […]

Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine: What to Know

Athletes know that there is nothing worse than having to sit out a game or season because of pain or an injury. This is also the fear of many parents and coaches as well. Having to see their child or athlete not be able to do what he or she loves to do is heartbreaking. […]

Workout Recovery – The Proper Way

We’ve all been there: You’re crunched for training time and you had to skip yesterday’s workout because life got in the way. So you skip your recovery day to fit in another workout and get caught up. There’s no harm in skipping your workout recovery routine just this once, right? However, whether you have an […]