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A Good Night’s Sleep Is Crucial In Concussion Recovery

For years, parents were told to keep their children awake after sustaining a suspected concussion. This was due to a lack of knowledge on life-threatening brain bleeds, which can now be detected by a CT scan. Furthermore, less than 0.1% of concussions result in brain bleeds. Most head injuries for children, teens, and athletes are […]

Gait Training: Preventing Injury Through Your Feet

Our poor feet. They’re usually the last thing we think about at the end of the day, but they’re probably the most used and abused part of our bodies. From wearing unsupportive shoes like high heels and flip-flops to placing more stress and pressure on them from high-impact sports, your feet can be the unnoticed […]

Treating Wrist Pain With Physical Therapy

What is the one thing that you spend most of your time doing that requires a lot of usage from your wrist and fingers? If you just take a look around you at work or while standing in line at the coffee shop, you’ll probably see the answer – phone usage. This is particularly true […]

Concussion-Related Problems: Treating Vertigo

Many people experience dizziness and vertigo right after hitting their head hard enough to cause a concussion. Apart from losing consciousness and nausea, dizziness and vertigo are often the first symptoms to show up right after the event. Like headaches, these symptoms can linger long after the initial head trauma and can even develop or […]

What Is The ALTERG Anti-Gravity Treadmill?

You’re more than halfway through your marathon training and coming up to the point in your training when you’ll be tapering off. You’ve been putting in the miles for the last few months and your body has started to feel it. Over the past few months, you’ve felt great, but lately, there’s been some nagging […]