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How To Prevent Injuries With Core Stability Training

For most people, core training is all about achieving those washboard abs. It’s the mythical unicorn that everyone wants to catch and hold onto for the rest of their lives. After all, who doesn’t want great-looking abs? But working on your core should be more than just looking great. More specifically, core stability training is […]

The Everyday Benefits Of A Strong Core

Yeah OK. You hear it from your coach, your trainer, your friend, your neighbor down the street, maybe even your doctor. You need to have a strong core. Yes, you need a strong for exercise performance. But, did you know there are everyday benefits to a strong core and it’s even a necessity? Most people […]

5 Ways To Do An Injury Prevention Workout

Unfortunately, often, people only think about injury prevention when it’s already too late and they’re coming back from an injury. Although it’s better late than never, injury prevention should be integrated into every person’s training routine. Injury prevention workouts don’t have to include full routines specifically designed to prevent injuries. Any exercise if done properly […]

Acute Injury Prevention: Stability Training

If you’ve ever heard of stability strength training or functional training, then you’re not alone. Functional training was a huge buzzword in the not-too-long-ago past, and it’s certainly making a comeback. However, there are some major developments in the training that make it almost non-recognizable today. Whereas before it was all about core strength, today […]