How to be a More Active Family

Family on a walk together

Family time is extremely important, but with multiple schedules to juggle it can be difficult to find that time. From work and school responsibilities to extra-curricular activities, finding the time to spend as a family can seem like a lofty goal. Then, add in the necessity of physical exercise for both you and the kids, and schedules become even trickier. However, there is a way to accomplish having family time as well as a more active family – and that means doing both at the same time.

Physical activities might seem impossible to choose based on everyone’s different ages and interests. However, many fun family-friendly physical activities can appeal to all ages and interests. The trick, though, is to not only find the time but also get everyone on board. Here are some tips to try as you aim to become a more active family – together.

Tip #1: Schedule The Time And Plan

We schedule band practice and grocery shopping, homework, and movie time, but it’s not often that we prioritize family activity time. When you sit down at the beginning of the week to go over schedules, it will be worth it to carve out just one hour a week for a physical activity to do together as a family. It may mean giving up movie time once in a while or cutting down social activities. However, the benefits of spending time exercising as a family can far outweigh family movie/social nights. Not only are you as a parent setting up lifelong good habits, but you’re also providing your child with necessary extra motivation along with having parent-child bonding time. These things are essential for the healthy physical, mental, and emotional growth of your children.

Tip #2: Make It Fun

Exercise for the whole family doesn’t have to be, nor should it be, as demanding as you would do for yourself. You might spend every morning in hardcore high-intensity workouts, but those probably aren’t fun – not to mention safe – for your children. Instead, opt for something physically active as well as fun. For example, put on some tunes and dance together as a family. Young children especially like this and you will loosen up as your goofy side kicks in. Don’t underestimate the cardio power of laughing while doing a fun physical activity. Other suggestions are pick-up games of softball, Frisbee golf, jump rope, and tag.

Tip #3: Make Chore Time Exercise Time

Chores can be physically demanding – picking things up, scrubbing, and walking all require you to use your muscles. including your children in chores is not only good for their development, but it’s also a good way to get things done around the house and be active. Yard work is especially good for keeping you physically active – and it’s good for the entire family. Mowing lawns during the summer, raking leaves during the fall, or helping shovel the walkways are all excellent forms of physical exercise the whole family can do. A bonus: you’ll get the chores done quicker with more hands to help!

Tip #4: Find A Fitness Class To Do Together

Many fitness clubs offer classes for parents and kids to do together. Not only is this easier to schedule when it’s something you’re going to sign up for, but it’s a way for you and the kids to mingle with other families. It can double as both a family social night and physical activity time. If your child is in a class already, see about doing a parent and kid night or even coordinating one yourself. Many parents will thank you for the time they can spend with their children doing what they love.

Safety First: Being An Active Family 

It’s all well and good to do physical activities together as a family. However, if someone gets hurt or injured, it can make it difficult to enjoy it again. It’s always important to put your family’s safety first and foremost. Keeping an eye on your kids is essential for safety, but listening to your own body as well can keep you injury-free.