What is Nike Fuel?

Have you heard about Nike Fuel or the Nike Fuel Band?  Here is some info on a new device that might help motivate you to new levels!

Nike Fuel is activity based points you earn while you are active.  Throughout the day your fuel adds up and you set your fuel goal at the beginning of the day.  It is easy to adjust your fuel goal on days you know you will be more/less active.

The Nike Fuel band will track your fuel points, steps, calories and with the Nike Fuel app you can get a detailed graph of it all.  The Nike + app will track your fuel points, distance and totals.  The fuel band runs around $150, comes in 3 colors and many sizes.  The Nike Fuel and Nike + apps are both free.

 Here is a picture of my grey Nike Fuel band this morning.  As I earn more fuel throughout the day the bottom red bar fills up until I get to my goal.
Here is a screen shot of my Nike Fuel app.  It is super easy to sync the band to the app on my phone.  When I hit sync on the band its automatically updating to my phone.  You can see where I am at for my daily goal, calories, steps and more.
Here is another view of the Nike Fuel app on my phone.  It will give me a weekly breakdown of calories, activity, steps, miles and fuel!  They are also easy to sync with friends if you like a little competition. For the Nike Fuel apps to work you do need to own a Nike Fuel band.
 Here is a screen shot of the Nike + app.  You need nothing other than a device that can download the app to use Nike +.  It will encourage you through your workout, give you distance, calories and feet.  It will also compare your workouts and activity.
Why I like the Nike Fuel Band:
It is a good motivator, easy to understand, will track your activity 24 hours a day and fits my wrist better than my MotoActv.
Why I don’t like the Nike Fuel Band:
There is no heart rate capability.  I won’t know where my heart rate is throughout the day, night or workout unless I am wearing my heart rate monitor.
Personally I prefer the Nike Fuel band for my current training and goals.  Currently I am just trying to stay fit through the holiday season and only have a 5k to run in January.  It has been a nice break to not worry about heart rate either.
Have any of you tried the apps or fuel band?  might be a new motivator to help get you through the holidays and beyond!