Wrestling Season is going strong

It is the time of year that screams a lot of winter sports.  With winter sports comes Wrestling season.  In Minnesota we love our wresting and at OSR we want to keep our wrestlers safe and wrestling.

Here are some wrestling tips and tricks from Certified Athletic Trainer Andrew at OSR Eden Prairie:

Shoulder Injuries are a big problem. To help keep your shoulders healthy:
-Stretch your chest muscles and even more specific your pec major and pec minor

-Strengthen your low traps, rhomboids, and rotator cuff complex

Neck injuries are also common:
-Neck strengthening – you could use a towel to perform your own manual resistance
-Neck stretches – work on a big range of motion

If you are concerned about a wrestling injury make sure to consult with a medical professional.  At OSR we offer free injury consultations and if appropriate can give you more individualized advice on your injury.

Cutting weight is also a big deal with wrestling.  Here are some more tips on “weight” with wrestling:
-Maintain a constant weight.
-Do not have huge fluctuations in weight
due to weight ins.
-Have proper nutrition, hydration, and
exercises year round.
-Do not binge after meets.
-Eat well with nutritious foods, rehydrate.
-High school wrestlers should not be on a
“diet” out of season.
-Keep in mind High School wrestlers are still growing and need food.  

If you are looking for more info regarding wrestling season check out these helpful links:

NATA position statement on safe weight loss:


Thanks for your help Andrew and good luck to all the wrestlers out there this season!