Eden Praire Dance Team follow up

In follow up to our EP Dance Team Training, the number one cause of injury is fatigue. There are several factors that contribute to fatigue, including:
1. Lack of sleep
2. Dehydration
3. Nutrition habits
4. Muscle imbalances

Be sure to check out the above hyperlinks to learn more about sleep, proper hydration, and nutrition basics for dancers. 

This blog post focuses on getting the most out of your exercises, and the selected exercises are based off of the most typical muscle imbalances that I see in dance team dancers. 

Here are how to videos on how to perform some of my favorite dancer strengthening exercises. (Parents–these can be great for your conditioning program, and many of them work for other sports too!)

These videos demonstrate tips on the:
1. Plank
2. Monster walk (side)
3. Lunge
4. Kneeling attitude (bonus exercise–not covered in the live session!)
5. Bird dog
6. Airplane
7. Hip flexor stretch

I also recommend stretching hip flexors. Here is a how to video:

If you have pain with any of these exercises, please discontinue them.

Have questions? Want to read an article about another dancer topic? Leave us a post, and we will respond!