What happens in Las Vegas, doesn’t stay in Las Vegas

Monday, June 24th kicked off the 64th National Athletic
Training Association annual meeting and clinical symposium in Las Vegas.  A few athletic trainers from OSR Physical
Therapy attended to discuss and learn from peers in today’s current concepts in
sports medicine.
Topics ranged from ACL rehabilitation, hamstring strain
prevention and rehabilitation, head injuries and concussions, emergency
preparedness and much more.  Speakers
ranged from athletic trainers, physical therapists and physicians.
One of the more intriguing presentations given during the
three day symposium was from NATA president Jim Thornton.  He discussed the recent decision on keeping
the profession name, athletic trainer, as that has been a hot topic for some
time now. Athletic trainers often fight the public perception that personal
training and athletic training are one in the same professions.  
Making it well known that athletic trainers
are board certified health care providers is important to the profession and
OSR Physical Therapy as they play a key role in the everyday patient care at
OSR Physical Therapy.
Below is a link to help explain exactly what an athletic
trainer is (and is not):